There are floral arrangements and then there are live botanical artwork creations. Browse Terry Furuta Designs and enjoy her singular gift for design with live botanical arrangements.

Private terrarium class makes a unique and lasting gift

Private terrarium class makes a unique and lasting gift

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A gift for the eyes, a gift for the soul.

When it comes to gift giving, there are just some occasions when a material gift won’t do. Experiential gifts are a great alternative and you’ve probably seen options like glazing pre-fired pottery or painting with wine or even cooking classes. But what about a DIY moss terrarium class?

A terrarium is a remarkable feat of nature. Enclosed in glass, it’s a tiny ecosystem that sustains plant life with minimal (and I mean hardly any) intervention from humans. These microcosms are dynamic displays that fascinate and, like an aquarium, can be very grounding to the psyche as well.

Private terrarium class is perfect for a group

All of this enjoyment cannot be topped, however, by the actual planting of one’s own terrarium. That’s why I jumped at the chance to join in a DIY moss terrarium class at Terry Furuta Designs last week. The others in class were a sister-sister-mom trio, an inspired gift from one of the sisters to the other two – something to do together to celebrate Christmas. It seems fitting to plant something during the season of new beginnings and a terrarium is evidence of the promise of everlasting life.

While we snacked on a little wine and cheese, Terry gave us a brief history of the terrarium (“born” in 1842) then a demonstration on assembling a plant terrarium, from the bottom-most gravel drainage layer all the way up through the soil cover layer, including plant selection, arrangement and planting technique.

After we each selected our terrarium shape, it was time to roll up our sleeves and start creating our own mini-ecosystems based on what we just learned. We selected a few lush pieces of moss to line the sides of our glass globes, then miniature tropical plants and decorative glass, pebbles and stones for contrast.

Terrarium classes themed for your group

It’s remarkable that, in spite of working with similar materials and following the same basic process, each terrarium turned out to be as unique as its creator.

Moss terrarium class offers creative design possibilities

How does one wrap an experiential gift? As a tangible representation of the event Julie, the planner-sister, wrapped miniature, holiday-themed fairy garden ornaments for her sister and mother to find Christmas morning beneath the tree. Each brought their ornaments and cleverly incorporated them into their terrarium designs, as reminders of the special holiday experience they shared together.

Terrarium class makes a good team building event

Learning something new together has always been a great way to build relationships. Sharing the experience of working with plants and soil in a creative - but low stakes - process is a new, unique way to learn more about each other and strengthen bonds. And then there's the added bonus of the lasting, living gift of the terrarium.

Whether you're planning a family reunion, a corporate team-building event, or a friends get together, Terry will work with you to create a private moss terrarium class meaningful to your group. Call her at 404-641-9996 to talk about your event.

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