The Beltline Box – a reclaimed wood plant container

These days sustainability is a guiding influence in the choices many people make – for clothing, home décor, transportation, dwellings and even dining. If sustainable living is important to you, you may gravitate to upcycling as a creative way to meet your personal sustainability criteria when looking for solutions in these and so many other areas.

After all, upcycling channels our creativity and resourcefulness to see a functional future in something   which would otherwise have already reached the end of its useful life. It is fun to imagine these “swan song” gigs for such things as broken glass, rubber tires and t-shirts. And maybe, just maybe, the ability to imagine a second useful life for an inanimate object inspires ideas for self-upcycling for an encore purpose as we animate objects age.

Some upcycling is too mundane for such a lofty idea. Re-using the garden hose ties from the original packaging as plant staking wire isn’t very rich in inspiration. Nor is putting yesterday’s coffee grounds in today’s compost pile. But having a unique live orchid arrangement in a Beltline Box is another matter entirely.

The Beltline Box is a one-of-a-kind, hand-made plant container upcycled from reclaimed wood found during construction of the Atlanta Beltline. Beltline Box reclaimed wood plant containers are available exclusively at Terry Furuta Designs.

Local artist Andrevius creates these unique reclaimed wood plant containers in his Atlanta studio based on wood working skills he learned at an early age from his father, an architect.

Each box is created from wood sourced along the landmark Atlanta Beltline and brings new life to a piece of Atlanta’s history. This story of the evolution of recycled material is a perfect backdrop for Terry Furuta’s exotic orchid arrangements.

As a member of the orchid family, lady slippers bear much symbolism on their own. Lady slippers grow in the wild all over the world, but it is uncommon to find one outside the grounds of an arboretum or botanical garden. Finding favorable conditions for reproduction is challenging for lady slippers yet in spite of slim odds their unconventional and rare beauty prevail, mirroring the mysteries and magic of nature.

Would you ever think to put a lady slipper inside a reclaimed wood plant container? Neither has your neighbor or best friend or client. So you can rest assured that you are purchasing a truly live arrangement – an object of art, a living sculpture. Terry Furuta brings 43 years of experience with botanicals and floral design to her work, emphasizing minimalist and ikebana design aesthetics. Each live orchid arrangement is a unique representation of live plants in the wild, right on your desk or coffee table or kitchen counter. 

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