Earth Day - Plants that clean the air

If you think you can't justify buying yourself a living orchid arrangement, read on:

Indoor air quality is important to our overall health. Airborne particles and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from household chemicals and furnishings actually pollute the air in our homes, exposing us to toxins that can make us sick. NASA studied the ability of plants to cleanse the air of three common household chemicals (benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene) and named the top 50 indoor plants.

Make your home cleaner with stunning floral arrangements.

Dendrobium orchids and Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids are on NASA’s list! So if you needed a reason to own these low maintenance, long bloomers here it is: they purify the air through their natural metabolic processes.

Bromeliads are also great air purifiers, including the Tillandsia air plant. The skin of Tillandsia “catches” indoor air pollutants and absorbs them. This air plant is another low maintenance, long blooming performer.

    Tillandsia Arrangement with Orchid and Custom Container

Keep the spirit of Earth Day all year long!

Terry Furuta Designs is proud to create sustainable arrangements - stunning displays that work to improve your environment in more ways than one.

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