How to Maintain Healthy Succulents

Photo by dinachi/iStock / Getty Images

Potting and Soil
If you’re planting your succulent in a pot, make sure you have a pot with reasonable drainage. Also, it's important to use a soil with good drainage. I recommend using cactus soil, which is a mixture of sphagnum peat moss, composted forest products, sand and perlite.

Water the soil, but do not water daily. Keep in mind — the hotter and dryer the air is, the more often you will have to water. The more humid it is, the less you will have to water. Succulents have access to water in the air when
there is humidity. Succulents planted in the ground do not have to be watered as often, because the soil underneath the ground stays cool and doesn’t dry out as quickly. With that knowledge in mind, succulents do not
require as much water during the winter.

Feeding your succulent is important. Watering will not give your plant all of the nutrients it deserves. I recommend feeding your succulent cactus food,
which is effective and inexpensive.

Succulents like to be warm during the summer (70°- 80°) and cool during the winter (50°- 60°).

Stay away from intense sun or intense shade. Your succulent needs a balance between the two.

Air Flow
Circulation is important. A good amount of air flow will allow your succulent to breathe and stay healthy.