Orchid Care

How many orchids have you received and lost in your life? Too many to count? We hear this far too often. Which is why we at Terry Furuta Designs are willing and eager to share our knowledge of Orchid Care with you! Firstly, it is most important to recognize the type orchid you have. There are hundreds of thousands of varieties of orchids. The most common, and the one pictured, is the Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid. Phalaenopsis Orchids come from the Southeast region of Asian countries… from India, Korea, China, Japan, to New Zealand and North Australia. They are perhaps the best orchid for growing in the home and are also a favorite within greenhouse growers. They grow in tropical and subtropical environments on sides of trees, rocks, and cliffs, and are shaded by the dense canopy of the forest. Their roots absorb water as rain falls. Phals do not grow in soil. This is why these plants are different from most common indoor plants. They are happiest in a mixed medium of bark and moss. Many growers will use materials like styrofoam peanuts as a humidifier to help keep water around the roots, without saturating the plant.   Watering orchids is not a difficult task once you understand their natural living conditions. Imagine how the plant would receive water in its habitat. Rain. That’s why we suggest (for best growth) to water your Phal by allowing water to run over the root ball and drain completely out. It is best to do this twice. Once the roots sense water, it takes about 8 seconds for their pores to open to take in that moisture.

Terry Furuta