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The power of botanical design.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that if you have just two coins to your name, use one to buy yourself a loaf of bread and the other to buy a flower. The idea is that as certainly as vitality requires nourishment of the body, it requires nourishment of the soul.

Terry Furuta Designs’ unique orchid floral arrangements and contemporary floral designs will definitely nourish your soul.

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Live Orchid Displays

Shop from 3 different displays. All are fresh, healthy, uniquely presented, responsibly-sourced orchid plants with emergent buds that will bloom for weeks to come.

Exotic botanical arrangements

These exotics will spotlight your individual style, whether you choose to buy them as gifts or keep them for yourself. Mosses, air plants and unique tropicals will live indefinitely with proper care and site placement. We offer custom made containers of glass, wood and ceramic. You won't find displays like these from any floral designer in Atlanta.