The power of floral design

Terry Furuta Ikebana Floral Arrangement.jpg

An ancient Chinese proverb says that if you have just two coins to your name, use one to buy yourself a loaf of bread and the other to buy a flower. The idea is that as certainly as vitality requires nourishment of the body, it requires nourishment of the soul.

Terry Furuta Designs’ unique orchid floral arrangements and contemporary floral designs will definitely nourish your soul.

Terry Furuta Designs fuses the exotic and the sustainable into imaginative and long lasting arrangements of orchids, mosses, air plants and other locally sourced accent plants. These inspired creations honor principles grounded in Japanese ikebana design and sustainability.

Terry Furuta Terrarium Globe

Unique floral designs are showcased in containers hand made by local artisans – glass blowers, steel welders, wood carvers and potters – all created exclusively for Terry Furuta Designs. Masterfully, Ms. Furuta incorporates the container, the plant material and the negative space created by each to make one-of-a-kind living, lasting sculptures for the home or work space.

Terry Furuta Orchid Arrangement

Orchid floral arrangements can last for months with surprisingly minimal care. That’s why Terry Furuta Designs floral arrangements make special gifts – combining the emotional and sensory experience of traditional flower arrangements with the long lasting benefits that the gift of a house plant affords.

View our galleries and imagine how Terry Furuta Designs will not only transform your environment, but also nourish your soul.



“They are absolutely spectacular!!!! Simply gorgeous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best designer in this town.”

— Sally Copeland

“I was astounded at the arrangement, how beautiful it turned out. She had it in her art studio which I thought was wonderful. The arrangement was just absolutely beautiful. I appreciate it.”

— John Craft

“It is beautiful! I love the rocks and the root in the bottom. Creative is an understatement! ”

— Corinne Mull, The Mull Law Office