There are floral arrangements and then there are live botanical artwork creations. Browse Terry Furuta Designs and enjoy her singular gift for design with live botanical arrangements.


In our increasingly technological world where we are consistently engaging with non-living metals, plastic, rubber, and the concrete we pound daily to stay in touch, on point, and on time, there is a growing need for a re-connection with life. This need has sparked an interest in the phenomenon known as Biophilia.

Biophilia can be defined as the pleasant state aroused by association with, connection to, and affinity for nature and all forms of life. It is safe to say that all of us here at Terry Furuta Designs are Biophiliacs! Of course, we are not and never have been alone in this.  All cultures have valued interaction with nature and modern science has proven that this particular form of dependence is crucial, in fact required, for our health and well-being. 

Our urge to own pets and plants, and go to the ocean or the mountains are proven to affect us in a myriad of positive ways including increased productivity, more loving relationships, recovery from illness and enhanced cognitive functioning.  

This means that we all actually need plants and flowers. It is very difficult to maintain a happy state of mind with very little time in nature, which anyone stuck in traffic or a drab grey office or apartment can attest to. Architects and designers have progressively begun to incorporate biophilic design into their concepts of the urban home and workplace. Enhancing interiors with more shades of green, plants, natural materials like stone, wood, and water, areas of natural sunlight, and even images of nature are showing great psychological benefits such as reduced stress and fatigue.

The delicious orchids, enchanting terrariums, delicate moss walls, and exquisite plants here at Terry Furuta Designs don’t just beautify your surroundings, they make you feel better!  The combination of sensual delights includes the lovely aroma of flowers and the soothing touch of soft petals and leaves.

Come check us out to make your life more gorgeous and gratifying.
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